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Back on Track

by on December 4, 2016

It’s been a long and much-needed time away from this blog.

After a fabulous trip across northern Europe two years ago, including a jaunt across Iceland that stole my heart, I arrived home here in Canada to have my heart stolen in a different way…the agonizing death of one of my oldest friends through cancer, followed by the tragic death of a former partner, followed by even further tragedy that I won’t even bother to detail here.

I have always viewed myself as an optimist, so it has taken time to find that aspect of myself again. Without it, I cannot write.

I seriously considered stepping aside altogether, but, with the passing of time, (and judging by an overflowing inbox!) I feel it is once again time to write and discuss the critical issues of railway noise and vibration, the rail industry and the environment, and the relationship between railways and communities.

So, yes, Rail and Reason is back on track…more to follow!


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  1. Lara permalink

    I’m happy you are back, although sad you’ve been through so much

    • trainjane permalink

      Thank you Lara! It’s good to be back. How are things out your way!

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