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Update on Spences Bridge, and More About Idling Locomotives

by on November 29, 2012

With the cold Canadian winter hurdling down much of the country at this point, we’re providing those of you trying to cope with the issue of idling locomotives another YouTube video in order to warm you up and wonder why it’s not doing the same for more locomotives:

In a post earlier this week, Dwayne Rourke provided his YouTube video showing a CN Rail train stopped in the heart of his community. Locomotive 5962 had been idling for hours, and, when asked how much longer the idling would continue, the response was “All day.”

Rourke has since provided us with the following update:

“I filmed it, edited it, posted it to YouTube and sent notification by email to CN Rail — all within an hour of the encounter. Thankfully, and contrary to what the engineer proclaims in the video, the train did not idle there all day long and was gone within 2 hours of the encounter!”

Coincidence? We can’t say conclusively. However, what we are finding is that social media is playing an increasing role in helping to identify both problems – and solutions – to railway noise and vibration, of which idling locomotives tops our list here.

So, thank you Dwayne for the update. Thanks also to CN Rail and to the engineer of 5962 for helping out the people of Spences Bridge, B.C. on this recent afternoon.

It’s obvious to us after viewing Rourke’s documentary “Train Town” that the people of Spences Bridge, (brilliantly described in the film as being not far from where the last spike was driven) value their relationship with the railway.

Maybe it’s time for the railways – both CN and CP – to place a higher value upon the relationship they have with the residents who live within the footprint of their operations.

Surely some of the concerns of the people of  Spences Bridge and elsewhere can be resolved fairly and amicably in order to strengthen that relationship to the benefit of all; some of the answers are already well within reach.

  1. 4:45 am bells ringing whistles, we live on a deadend road so what’s the problem? !@#$%@@!!! arrogance, if these guys want a war lets give it to them. unbelievable smoke excessive smoke from worn out engines. most of cpr and cnr have little problems with emissions never mind southern bc rail keeps saying they are waiting for parts. 10 years later give me a break. the fumes and noise vibration is outrageous. you have to see it to believe it. the judge told me i could lay harassment charges for deliberate noise so i did. if you try to talk to these idiots to resolve this somewhat it gets worse and gets the whole neighbourhood wound up. i am not allowed any contact with the PNE railroad. burnaby new westminster introduced these noise and smoke problems into legislature but the politicians DELIBERATELY turn a blind eye. people need sleep to work, when the train sothern bc rail goes past the neighbourhood the vibration from worn out engines and smoke is so bad you have to run into your house from the smoke burning your throat and eyes literally. we seriously need a general strike against the government until they help. violence is not always the answer but if that’s what it takes so be it.wordpress does not like my comments but i only say what’s on my mind. nothing wrong with being honest and not afraid to stand up to these arrogant is now 6:35 am cnr train blasting away at the moon and here comes southern bc rail blasting away to say hello to their CLOWN buddies.i have gone every possible means to get along with the railroad peacefully but they do not want to.
    GO HOME AMERICANS!!!!! enough BS

    • trainjane permalink

      Hello Mr. Prokovich,

      When you say that “WordPress does not like my comments,” that isn’t quite what we’ve been saying.

      We just question intensifying the conflict, and your approach to this. From what you’ve written to us, it does not appear that much has changed. It also appears that you’ve paid a price for your actions – well beyond the issues of noise, vibration, and fumes.

      So, on that basis, our question to you is about the effectiveness of your actions, beyond a temporary sense of “satisfaction” after the confrontation. It seems to us that nobody wins…

      Also, with regards to fumes, there may be some positive news coming up as Ottawa is planning to introduce legislation about locomotive emissions…we are waiting for a draft to be published and will write about it here.

      We think that this may be a more favorable approach in helping to address some of the problems that you and many other people are experiencing with diesel fumes from railways.

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