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by on May 26, 2010

Blasting whistles…explosive noises from shunting…squealing wheels…and the relentless, annoying drone of diesel locomotives left idling for hours on end.

Railway noise pollution has increased in severity over recent years, particularly since CN Rail successfully derailed legislation a decade ago that was specifically designed to reign in noise and vibration emanating from railway operations, and protect citizens living within its footprint.

Individuals – and entire communities have since been forced to endure deplorable living conditions due to excessive levels of railway noise, resulting, for many, in severe sleep disruption, which in turn, impacts health, well-being, and quality of life. Noise pollution is increasingly being recognized as a serious human health hazard.

Many people living downwind of CN’s operations are subjected to protracted occurrences of fumes from idling diesel locomotives, along with incessant noise and vibration that can be readily permeate the interiors of homes, resulting in a thoroughly miserable environment all round.

It can be very difficult to find anything green about CN Rail’s operations, (apart from profits) when the air around your home is saturated with thick, sooty exhaust.

“There is a better way to do it; find it.” – Thomas Edison 1847-1931

This blog is dedicated to setting reasonable limits to the amount of noise pollution CN Rail – and the industry in general – subjects its residential neighbours to, and limiting negative impact on quality of life, health, and the environment. We also hope to promote accountability and sustainable practices in local communities in furthering these objectives.

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  1. Jeff Willsie permalink

    The Railways have been in most of their locations for in excess of a hundred years. When folks move in next to a railway they can expect noise & vibration.
    If they do not like the railway issues they should move.
    As oil disapears the railways shall have much larger volumes of traffic.Stop building residential next to the railway.24-7 Thats the railway operating time just like trucks.

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